About Us

Company Overview

In 1989, Benson G. Lao, established Benby Enterprises as an import and distribution company for food and beverage. In 1994, he set-up Ultra BGL Incorporated, to import and distribute non-food items such as Texas Instruments. In 2003, he sold his majority interest from Benby Enterprises to his sisters.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience in the food distribution industry, Benson G. Lao, diversified Ultra BGL Incorporated into distributing premium quality foods and beverages. Ultra BGL then focused on the efforts to build and develop imported brands and private label products such as the Chip N Chips brand.
Here at Ultra BGL Incorporated, we adhere to the highest standards of customer care, product quality and business ethics.

Since the company’s establishment, our distribution capability has grown competitively; we have been constantly adding new products to our range and expanded our distribution network successfully throughout the Philippines.   Our Business Partners are some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Our premium product line comes from countries such as US, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Thailand.

This aggressive marketing stance can be attributed to the dynamic individuals who are at the helm of the company.  They are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in domestic and international business affairs and are well-connected with local and national business communities.


Ultra BGL Incorporated is a world class Filipino owned company who offers the best in distribution and marketing of food and non-food products.


Ultra BGL Incorporated is a brand builder. Its objective is to establish and build strong successful brands for the consumers. With its strong sense of Corporate Citizenship, the company is steadfast in its purpose; that is to provide consumers with products and services that enhance their total quality of life. The company has committed to continue research, source new products and technologies; supplying the Philippines with world class merchandise to ensure growth and profitability not only for our business partners but also for our people and stakeholders as well.